There is a variety of accents in the Netherlands. A well trained ear can hear the difference between the spoken language from Den Haag, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. The distance between these cities is more or less 40 miles. Then there is the southern part of the country where people have a different accent then in the northern part of the country. People in Suriname also speak Dutch but in a very different way than in the Netherlands. For a foreign advertising company or production studio it is very hard to discover such accents.


Accents are generaly associated with working class and sound "un-educated". Voice overs used on radio and television allways speak Dutch without any accent unless it is aimed at a certain local area or used for a comic effect. Make sure the Dutch voice over of your choice speaks Dutch without any accent.



dutch voice over translation and recording servicesPOLDER DUTCH

The most common type of Dutch accent is Polderdutch (Country or Farmers Dutch) This is generally not accepted in Dutch voice over recordings.

dutch voice over translation and recording services DUTCH VOICE OVERS LIVING ABROAD

When you are looking for a Dutch voice over talent for narration or voicing a commercial make sure he or she is a native speaker living in the Netherlands. Dutch voice overs living abroad tend to develop an accent which sounds very strange to a Dutchman. It is possible to point out whether a Dutch speaking person is living in Germany, France or the UK. Accents like that are not accepted in voice overs by the general public and can’t be used if you take your product seriously.


There are examples of Dutch voices living abroad who make quite a good living out of Dutch voice over work that sound ridicilous when used in productions targeted at native Dutch audiences.


The internet has made it very easy to find Dutch voices. Keep in mind that anybody can put up a nice website and claim to be a professional Dutch voice artist. So how can you tell who's a Pro and who's not? Simply ask for references. Most professional Dutch voices are proud of their clientlist and will be happy to share them with you and they will have a large library of previous work for national A list brands they have done. Most Dutch voice overs have put the big brand spots online on their websites. And remember, if you're looking for a bargain keep in mind that if you pay peanuts, you get monkees!

dutch voice over translation and recording services JUDGING A DUTCH VOICE OVER

Is it possible to judge a Dutch voice over when you don't speak any Dutch? Sure you can hear if the voice sounds pleasant to you and if the tone of Dutch voice is right for your production, but again accents are very hard to catch if you're not familiar with the language. Listen carefully if the Dutch voice does not skip and remains consistent the whole voice over reading.



Yes, hiring a voice over can be tricky. So don't take any risk! Your production and your client need quality they can rely on.
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Oh yes, but we're not going to mention names. What about a major car manufacturer who recorded a Dutch voice in Paris for a new car introduction ot find out the guy had a Surinam accent and the video was a laugh? Or a home shopping channel that recorded all their Dutch voices in London and did not realise that their voices had such heavy accents that it sounded like a dubbed cowboy movie from the 70's. Or a TV commercial from a German brand that used a Dutch actress that lived in Germany and sounded like she just had a bad experience with a dentist. Or a Dutch DJ voice that was used to dub a 60 year old actor.....